Sunday, 12 October 2014

Farewell Croatia!

Flying out of Split 11th Oct

Day 12 - Sunset in Maslinica

Mooring buoys and Stern tie in Hvar

Beautiful Hvar

Day 10 - Hvar

Day 13 - Return to Split

What a gorgeous spot Maslinica is!!! Brand new hotel by marina for those with the money to enjoy luxury and fine-dining. Westerly outlook with setting sun and charming little town nestled around the Harbour. A wonderful way to end our Adriatic adventure!
Sailed for 1-1/2 hours, close teaching in light SE winds, which sadly diminished so we're forced to turn on the iron genny!
Split beckoned in the distance and we motored in at 15.30 to refuel at the dock before heading into ACI Marina to dock one last time.
Thank you MATEA - we sure had our problems along the way - broken/replaced throttle on Day 1 (could finally go in reverse!!!), depth gauge repaired on Day 2, no GPS after Day 5 so chart work and line of sight sailing plus lots of radio contact with other boats saved the day!
Novice crew settled well into their tasks, the daily routine and learned a great deal about life on board. Steep learning experience for them all and one they undoubtedly will not forget. Very proud of them all for being so willing and such a support to their Skipper!!!
Looking forward to seeing all the photos and re-living the whole adventure when we all return home to Gibsons.
In the meantime, First Mate Peggy is off to Budapest and Prague with Joanne, Patti is off to explore the Amalfi coast, Barbara (our galley chief extraordinaire) is off to join a cycling tour of Sicily while yours truly goes home home to UK.

Hope you've all enjoyed reading this Blog. Apologies for the delay after Day 9 - lost Wifi near Hvar.
14 days has flown by but then again, I feel as if we've been at sea for ages!
Life doesn't get any better than this.
So, from my Crew and my boat MATEA, it's farewell from Croatia for another year.

Skipper Gillie

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